So what do Christians believe?

Sometimes we can have a lot of preconceptions about things. We may have heard things from friends or family, or been brought up with certain traditions. We may have heard things in the media and this is further confused by the fact that there are many different types of Churches around. So how do we know what the truth really is?

Well, we believe that God hasn’t left us to figure this all out. He has given us some clear pointers that shout about His existence and who He is. He has given us this incredible world in which we live as evidence of a creator God. He has given us the Bible – words written down that last the test of time – to help us understand Him and His purpose for us and our lives. And He has sent Jesus.

We don’t need to guess for ourselves. The claims of the Bible and of Jesus Himself show who God is.

This might seem a bit far fetched, or strange to you. But why not take 5 minutes to watch the video below and then pick up a Bible for yourself and read it? This book and the person of Jesus have changed countless lives over the millennia. Maybe you are somebody who has dismissed Christianity without really looking into it. Or perhaps you just don’t see how any of this is relevant to you. Why not take this opportunity to watch the short clip below and take a moment to think it through?  It might just change your life…


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