COVID-19 Update

We are meeting again in person on Saturday evenings. Please check below for the guidance and programme.

Adventurers Update – New times and new age ranges!

We are now running 2 Adventures Youth groups for different are ranges

Saturday evenings every fortnight is a highlight for young people aged between 5-13. Adventurers is a youth club for anyone in this age range, and each term has a varied and exciting programme of events. Two clubs will be running from Sept 2021 to allow for the larger numbers that have been attending and to help us cater more specifically for each age group.

  • Younger Adventurers will run from 5:30 – 6:45 pm and is aimed at Reception (age 4-5) – School Year 3 (age 7-8).
  • Older Adventurers will run from 7:00 – 8:30 pm and is aimed at School Year 4 (age 8-9) – School Year 8 (age 12-13).

The evening starts with games while people are arriving, and then leads into the main activity for the night. The main activity might be a night walk with torches and glowsticks, fun and wacky team games in the hall, challenges to solve a village mystery involving finding clues and being a detective, bonfire and fireworks, water slides, wide games and much more!

We then take a break for drinks, snacks and a catch up on the week, before a short Bible talk and quiz/memory verse.

Anyone is welcome, and new parents are welcome to stay for the first few sessions for those with younger children, if needed.

Winter 2021 Programme

Due to COVID we have adapted the programme. The dates and events are shown on the link below. We will unfortunately not be able to provide drinks and snacks but children can bring their own drinks if needed.

Adventurers Programme Winter 2021

COVID Guidance

Because of COVID we have put in place some procedures to manage the group and events safely. We are now meeting again indoors but still have some sessions (before its gets too dark/cold) planned for outside. Unfortunately, unless there is a specific need, parents will not be able to stay for the events themselves at this point in time.

We are really excited that we can  start up Adventurers this term with 2 groups and look forward to seeing you and your children again soon!

For more information please contact