Monday Mums grew out of Mainly Music attendees whose children had grown older and were beyond the age for the toddler’s group. It’s both a social group for coffee and chat but also an opportunity for Bible studies together especially focused on those who are new or exploring the Bible and who the living God is. The studies are short, sometimes given through a DVD or video with discussion and time for questions.

We are currently running a parenting course ‘Wonderfully Made,’ starting 31st January 2022  on Mondays 1:30-2:30pm at our Church Building. The course is 7 sessions and will run monthly from now until the Summer.

The course is completely free to come to.  On interim weeks (running once a month too), we will be having a social at one of our Church members houses (in Sonning Common) to enable children to play whilst the Mums are able to chat and relax over a cuppa and cake! See programme below.  Contact us for further details or click on Wonderfully MadeFor more information please contact Loz, Sam, Jen or Claire at