Who are Chiltern Evangelical Church?

Identity is important. Names mean something.

Our old name – Caversham Evangelical Church – reflected the place where the Church first started. We have then in recent years been meeting in Sonning Common in the building that has for many years been known as Sonning Common Free Church. But with our Sunday services taking place in two different venues – Emmer Green Youth and Community Centre in the morning and our Church building in Sonning Common in the afternoon – as well as members living in the wider local area, the old name no longer made sense. Our Church is not the physical building but is better represented by the people themselves.

A new name

In March 2021 we changed our name to Chiltern Evangelical Church. This links to the famous ‘Chilterns’ which is a clear and popular representation of the beautiful area in which we live.

But what’s the significance of the word ‘Evangelical’? ‘Evangelical’ comes from a word that simply means ‘good news’.

We are a ‘good news’ church!

We are a group of ordinary people who have come to believe that the message of the Bible is the best news we could ever hear. We’re thrilled at what God has done for us and we’re passionate about sharing this good news with the community around us.

A new logo

As well as a new name we have a new logo:

Our Church identity is centred around Christ, as is reflected in our tree icon. This tree represents life and growth and is an image heavily represented in the Bible. Our name may be new but we are well established.

The tree structure depicts the connection we share – being rooted together in Christ, with branches reaching to the edge and out showing how we’re still growing by extending out to those around us.

The new name also has the benefit of keeping the same acronym CEC, by which we are often affectionately known.

We are a welcoming and growing family and we would love to have you attend any of our services and events. You do not need to be a Church member or familiar with Church and there would be no expectations made on you.

Why not come along and meet us and find out more?  You would be warmly welcomed by all of us here at ‘CEC’.